Waste Vegetable Oil Conversions


Take a step towards sustainability and oil 
independence and start fueling your engine on recycled vegetable oil.


We can work
with you to convert any diesel fueled engine (i.e. vehicles, generators, compressors, equipment, etc.) to run on straight vegetable oil (SVO) for a low cost investment that will repay itself in as little as 1 month. I can't describe how rewarding it is to know that you are taking a step towards sustainability, plus smelling that mouth watering exhaust is pretty satisfying too. Our conversions are typically less than 25% of what a kit such a Frybrid
 or ELSBETT would cost. Our Patent Pending, low cost controllers automatically switch to wvo fuel based on optimum fuel temperature. These cost only a fraction of what other "controllers"cost and are proven more reliable. 

Green Conversion Profile: 1980 VW Rabbit Pickup: June 2011
- Complete Coolant Heated conversion kit with 2 used tube-in-tube heat exchangers
- Non-heated portable marine fuel tank

Green Conversion Profile: 1980 VW Rabbit Pickup: February 2010
- Basic Vegimatic conversion kit with
- Non-heated portable marine fuel tank
- Small engine coolant heat exchanger located in top heater hose
- Seperate fuel filter with water seperator
Green Conversion Profile: 1981 Chevy Luv Pickup: July 2009
- Manual 3-way valve for fuel switching
- 200 watt Vegimatic in-line 12 volt fuel heater
- Heated 10 gal fuel tank in bed w/ coolant traced fuel line
- Coolant heating of fuel via unused ATF cooler in bottom of radiator
- Additional 120V heaters for starting on SVO when plugged in prior to start

We are now selling complete conversion kits for only $550.
Please read below for complete information.

Straight Vegetable Oil Conversion Includes:

  • 3-way solenoid valve (for switching fuels) including the necessary brass hose barb fittings
  • SVO  switch (energizes the temperature switch & switched automatically when minimum temp is reaches).
  • LED Indicator light indicating when switched to svo
  • 2 x 10 plate Stainless Steel Heat exchangers (one prior to filters, one prior to injection pump - insures warm veg oil always delivered to a warm injection pump).
  • High capacity oil  filter, clear bowl with drain-cocks for draining water/sludge/impurities.
  • Comes pre-wired and tested
  • SVO Controller (switch and indicator light come mounted inside a grey Condulette (see picture above) for mounting inside your vehicle. The only wiring necessary is to connect the supplied leads to 12 volts (pos and ground). The 3-way valve will come connected but may require being disconnected for installation. If a relay option is chosen below, the relay will also be housed inside this condulette.
  • Includes 6 feet of 14 ga wire between controller and 3-way valve & temperature switch (although the wire still may not be long enough depending on where you locate the components)
  • Includes 10 feet of fuel hose and fittings between the solenoid valve and both heat exchangers
  • Includes 10 heavy duty worm drive hose clamps
  • Includes 1 roll of teflon tape for leak free installation.
  • 10 wire ties for installation (mounting brackets are not included)
  • Includes a tee fitting for routing the fuel return back into the injector pump (called looping the fuel return - not shown in photo)
  • Complete installation instructions, installation schematic CAD drawing and tips for success
  • Unlimited e-mail support
NOTE: Kit is not assembled. Since disassembly is required for installation and it is cheaper to ship unassembled I am no longer assembling my kits. All piping and connections will need to be completed during installation. The installation instructions will walk you through the assembly, it is very straightforward.



ADD TEMPERATURE SWITCH FOR AUTOMATIC SWITCHING TO SVO - $60 (complete with 2 switches, one to bypass temp switch and one to energize - mounted on a section of aluminum tubing through which fuel will flow prior to entering the Injection Pump). NOTE: this option requires locating 1 heat exchanger after the 3-way valve, which increases purge times and results in heating the diesel fuel when not running veg oil.

ADD 2nd 3-way valve for switch fuel return (including wiring) - $80 (note, does not include a time delay, both return and supply valves will switch at the same time).

ADD a multi function delay timer - $50 (this can be used to delay the switching of the fuel return valve to allow time for the veg oil to purge OR to delay the switching on of the valves to allow time for engine heat-up) NOTE: with this option I cannot fit the electrical components inside the control box, therefore all switches and indicator lights will be loose and you will need to mount inside your dash.

REPLACE ONE COOLANT HEAT EXCHANGER WITH ELECTRIC 200 WATT HEATER, ADD RELAY & 12 GA WIRING - $60 (reduce plumbing of coolant to a 2nd heat exchanger and warms up the oil quicker)

ADD a 2nd SVO filter with a reusable stainless steel pre-strainer - $75 (prolongs the life the the non reusable filter cartridge and save money on filter cartridges)

NOTE: I can also sell individual components if interested, including just the controller with 3-way valve if you want to source out your own heat exchangers and filters (they are available used at times). 

These conversion kits are designed, assembled and tested by me, Travis Linds. I am a Mechanical Engineer (Registered as a P. Eng in BC) and have put a lot of researching and testing to make sure these kits perform as required. As long as you read below carefully and understand that this kit is not necessarily suited for straight vegetable oil (svo) in cold climates, I am confident you will be satisfied. The low cost of these kits facilitate payback in under a month in many cases (daily commuters). These kits come pre-wired and tested but are not assembled. The wire may not be long enough depending on where you locate the components (especially the switch) which will require additional wire and connectors. The way this kit works (with the Temp Switch option) is once you start your vehicle you switch the Fuel Selection Switch (FSS) up to the ON (WVO) position and start driving. When the minimum fuel temperature is reach (as detected by the mechanical temperature switch) the 3-way solenoid will be energized and automatically switch to your WVO fuel supply. The green indicator light will illuiminate to indicate you are running on SVO. Then, pior to turning off your vehicle, you manually turn the FSS off (diesel) sufficiently in advance to purge the WVO from the injector pump and engine. If you do not purchase the temp switch option, simply manually switch over to SVO once the engine is warm.


Note that our systems do not include expensive and sometimes troublesome electronic controllers. The optional temp switches use reliable, bimetalic mechanical temperature switches to automatically (and reliably) switch your fuel from diesel to your wvo supply, BUT our system requires manual switching back to diesel prior to turning off your vehicle as necessary to purge the WVO from the fuel system to allow for starting on 100% diesel. There is no alarm if you forget and it is very difficult to start your engine with wvo in you fuel. Pre-heating (using block heaters and the optional 120 v heat tape) will allow you start you engine with a percentage of wvo in your fuel (allowable percentage varies significantly depending on ambient temperature and other conditions).

This conversion kit does not include components for heating of the wvo fuel TANK nor heat tracing of the wvo fuel LINES. In cold weather this will necessitate running a mix of diesel and wvo in your straight wvo fuel tank. The amount of diesel is minimal (typically less than 10%) and is required only to keep the fuel fluid at cold temperatures. This depends significantly on the quality of your oil. Most WVO will stay fluid well below freezing, but higher concentration of hydrogenated and saturated fats will result in fuel solidifying at higher temperatures and will necessitate a higher percentage of diesel in cold weather. We recommend you test you oil to determine what percentage of diesel to use (can also use regular unleaded gasonline or ethanol blends up to a max of 10%). 

 Not included but possibly necessary:
  • Many newer cars with Turbo injection and/or weak injection pumps (many Fords) you may need a lift pump to increase the pressure and flow with thicker fuels such as vegetable oil. There are many online forums where you can find out if a lift pump is recommended. It is your responsibility to do the research.
  • Although single tank SVO operation is possible, we recommend 2 tanks for year round use in colder climates. You will need to purchase a 2nd fuel tank if you vehicle does not already have 2 tanks. Marine style portable fuel tanks are a low cost option as non heated fuel tanks.
  • You will need to purchase the required fuel lines to connect your tank to the supplied heat exchanger. Note, regular rubber based fuel lines are safe with SVO.
  • Since this klits includes coolant heat exchangers, you will need the required coolant hose to route coolant through the unit and provide the hose/fittings necessary.
  • You must supply the required hose clamps for the coolant hose (10 clamps for the fuel lines are provided)
  • Some wire is included, but it may not be enough to install the controls depending on vehicle size and mounting location. Is it also critical that the power supply is controlled with the ignition switch, meaning when the ignition is turned off, all power is turned off.
  • No mounting brackets or hardware is provided. It is best for you to determine the best way to mount in your specific vehicle. Large wire ties are provided which can be used to secure components.
Here is a video showing the assembly of one of my SVO Conversion kits.

YouTube Video

 Here is a video of me demonstrating my new Delay Timer for delayed switching on of valves or delayed switching the fuel return

Here is a video of me testing my 3-way Valve with Automatic Controller

SVO 3-Way Valve w/ Controller

ONLY $250. A great option if you have your own source for heat exchangers and filters

YouTube Video

Running through my conversion kit
(except this one has used heat exchangers, not new 16 plate like the kits)

Fuel Strainer / Filter Combo
(the reusable strainer greatly reduces filter changes)
We sell waste vegetable oil for only $2.50/gallon. Our veggie oil is top quality, will not cause you any engine problems and does not need any engine modifications at under 50% mixed with diesel. (Or run it straight in your SVO converted vehcile). Pour it straight in and drive (in winter you would want to run a lower percentage of oil). It does not make rubber based fuel lines and gaskets brittle like biodiesel does. This is unprocessed, pure vegetable oil that has been filtered and dewatered. Biodiesel has methanol and lye added that can cause problems. Not our veggie oil. We dewater and then filter the oil through 3 filters to 10 microns. These processes also make sure that any higher melting point fats (i.e. hydrogenated and animal) are removed. We also test my oil by cooling to 5 C to make sure the oil blend stays liquid. We take pride in our oil.
We provide FREE advice on how to immediately start running a waste vegetable oil (WVO)/diesel blend without any conversion needed. Please contact us for more information


For more information on running diesel engines on straight vegetable oil (svo) and my approach for converting to SVO in the Pacific Northwest climate, please check out my SVO Concept page.



  • vegetable oil should not be used to fuel your vehicle on public roads otherwise you may need to pay tax on it
  • vegetable oil and vegetable oil diesel blends will “gel” at a lower temperature than diesel alone
  • even though our oil is filtered, it still does contain more particulate than diesel alone and you should replace your fuel filter more frequently