Sustainable Homes

and Off Grid Living


I am sure everyone has heard of Earthships in terms of sustainable homes. Green Conversions can work with you to design and build your own Sustainable Home. We taylor our services and your home to meet your needs. Anywhere from turn-key design and construction to free consultation with me, a Professional Engineer. Or, if you just want to make your existing home more sustainable or get off the grid, we can provide an array of services to help here too. Check out some of our other services listed on our Home Page.

Plus, we offer consulting services and can help plan your transition to off-grid living. Ranging from sustainable energy sources, waste vegetable oil fueled generators, to water recycling and permaculture. It is becoming clear that our earth is going to become a lot smaller very soon. Oil will peak soon and the era of cheap energy is behind us. Let us help you prepare today for the radically different future ahead of us. 

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