Sustainability Consulting

I am a Mechanical Engineer (Professional Engineer in BC, Canada) with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) striving to make a transition to a more sustainable lifestyle for me and my family. It is very hard to do. It helps to work together to come up with sustainable solutions to our problems. I help individuals and organizations become more sustainable. I teach us how to prepare for the turbulent economy ahead of us and increase the chance to prosper in the local markets of the future.

Either you want to live more simply in exchange for a better quality of life, or you want to be prepared for whatever our unstable future may bring, I can help. I promote self resilience. I say "Prepare for the worst but hope for the best, while regaining reverence for our planet and purpose in life." I have practiced pretty well most of what I know on my 1 1/4 acre homestead and have spent countless hours reading and googling all there is to know about sustainable living.

The closing of the Alcoa Smelter has ended my full time Engineering job and has given me an opportunity to spread what I know and do what I love to do. Therefore, in an effort to not have to return to the corporate grindstone I am making my services available for hire, anything form simple design, to complex turnkey projects. From Tiny Homes to rocket mass heaters, saunas to treehouses. My past extensive experience engineering (incl, incinerators, project management, design and implementation) combine well with my passion for self resilience. 

Below is a list of some of what I have experience and expertise in. If interested I encourage you to contact me and come see some examples on my homestead. Also, rather than attaching a lot of pictures at time time (more to follow) here is a link to my facebook page for my homestead -

Tiny Homes - New or remodel, container, trailer or traditional
Solar/Wind/Generator power
Off Grid
Green roofs
Rainwater collection
Greywater systems
Composting Toilets
Diesel heaters/stoves
Hot water heating (diesel, wood or propane)
Wood stoves - incl mass heaters, rocket stoves, maximizing efficiency through heated benches and heat exchangers. Including cook stoves (integral or not, and BBQs)
Waste oil burners
Tree houses
Tree Nets
Net Lofts
Plus I am a small fruit nursery and offer berry plants and plantings by the thousands

Everything with a focus on keeping it simple, sustainable minimal energy input), using used, repurposed and reclaimed materials when possible.

Green Energy Systems

Rainwater Recycling

Greywater Systems

living off the grid