Live Sand


We offer locally sourced, white crushed shell sand that has been seeded and is truly live. All sand comes out of my existing 200 gallon system where I am able to maintain a large population of life that combine to provide you with a powerful natural filter. I do not have any mechanical filtration on my 200 gallon system and recommend against it, because in the end you filter out all of the beneficial life that you want to thrive in your tank.

We also offer locally sourced fine "sugar" sand that can either be added to the crushed shell sand or as I prefer to do, have one end of my tank consisting of this finer sand. The sugar sand contains different life as the coarser sand, including anaerobic (without air) bacteria that are naturally denitrifying.

 All live sand will not only contain the beneficial bacteria needed to breakdown wastes and cycle your tank, but will also contain macro life such as bristle worms, spaghetti warms, sea stars, copepods, etc.