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Rocket Stove Canning with added heat using a fan


Lightweight insulating refractory mixture is made from 10 parts perlite 1 part portland cement (no aggregate added, not ready mix!) and 2 parts water. Mix thoroughly and make sure entire elbow is encased in material. If the metal eventually burns through, this material becomes the fire box. Also want to make sure horizontal pipe is encased and a nice section of vertical pipe (I made it look like a mini volcano, packing the material up along the pipe).

A more dense, higher temp refractory mixture is made using the following ratios of the following ingredients.

Sand or perlite : fire clay : Portland Cement : Lime
Mix with water until it becomes peanut butter consistency
this mixture is very formable and is what was used to line the stovepipe below
I sell this refractory premixed. Contact me for info:

Set pot height so that the gap is about the same area as the smallest pipe diameter. i.e. when using a 5" stove pipe, the open area is pi x radius squared = 3.15 x 2.5 x 2.5 = 19.6 sq. in. The gap open area is the pipe circumferences x gap height = pi x diameter x gap = 3.14 x 5 x gap. make the two open areas equal and solve for gap; gap = 19.6/(3.14 x 5) = 1.25"

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