Ecological Engineering

defined as the design of sustainable ecosystems that integrate human society with its natural environment for the benefit of both....

Focused on making the earth Greener one step at a time.....

I am happy to be now offering Ecological Engineering services. It is important to understand that out impact on this planet goes well beyond housing, and I am trying to step back and offer a more holistic service if desired. My focus is still housing, with more of a focus on community and connection with source.


So much of our limited resources are wasted paying for huge houses to live in that involve a massive amount of waste (building & heating/cooling). Couples living in excessively large houses. There are also a huge number of "snow birds" who go south in the winter and have houses that are vacant half the year. Such a waste. Many people contribute the majority of their income on housing, forcing them to be corporate slaves working 40 + hours a week just to get by. We are not meant to be living like this. Why not simplify things, living in a much lower cost, simpler house and enjoy life and our family more? It also doesn't make sense for us to live apart from our families and send old people to home (homes that force patients to sell everything to pay for it). Everything is so broken, it is up to us, collectively, to fix it. But this change wont come easy.

The average size of new, single family homes built in the United States grew 62 percent from 1,660 square feet in 1973 to 2,687 square feet in 2018, an increase of 1,027 square feet. My micro homes start at under 100 sq. ft for a single person, and up to 240 sq. ft for small families. That is a factor of 10 times smaller than the average home, and approx. 10 times cheaper. Think about it, you could build 10 tiny homes for the cost of an average size home. And my tiny homes are so simple. They don't have septic systems and use environmentally friendly composting toilets and grey water systems. You can easily drop $10k to $20k on a septic system, that is about the same cost as the tiny home itself. My spaces are either heated with wood heat (with propane backup) or propane in floor radiant heating as a cost of less than $500. Many are completely off grid.

I am not a builder myself, I am more of a designer and project manager. At times I play the general contractor role. I have worked in industry as a Project Engineer for over 25 years. My whole career is all about reducing waste and getting the most done for the least costs. I am all about efficiency and use of super low cost (often free) building materials. I build micro homes for under $5k. I have several school bus conversion that also cost me less than $5k and are fully road worthy/legal. I fully support diy in the constructions of your homes. I often offer free advice, or can be hired as a consultant, project manager or general contractor.


Here are some pictures of my tiny homes:

Latest 100 sq. ft Microhome Under Construction:   

Stucco exterior          Re-purposed Sail for cover        Stone Wall using free stone
using free onsite         and water catchment              Counter Top Material

Foundation                          Loft with driftwood railing        Clear, double wall ceiling

                                            Driftwood                Clear roof from above

My Next Project:
Free Prowler camper stripped for trailer

Completed Projects:

Thomas School Bus Conversion

Zen School Bus Conversion

Ford Bus Conversion


Shared Bath House

Many more to be uploaded!